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Puppy/Kitten Wellness

We are committed to providing care for puppies and kittens, ensuring they grow into healthy and thriving adult pets.

Puppy/Kitten Wellness in El Paso, TX

Our commitment to providing comprehensive care begins early in your pet’s life, with annual wellness check-ups starting at the age of one. We understand the importance of proactive healthcare, which is why we initiate vaccinations as early as 6-8 weeks, incorporating them into a thorough wellness exam. This approach not only ensures your puppy or kitten receives essential vaccinations but also allows our experienced veterinary team to closely monitor their overall health and address any concerns from the very beginning. At East El Paso Animal Hospital, we believe in laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of well-being for your beloved pets.

Comprehensive Wellness Exams:

At East El Paso Animal Hospital, we believe in proactive healthcare. Our wellness exams are designed to assess every aspect of your puppy or kitten’s health. From nose to tail, our experienced veterinarians carefully examine your pet, checking for any signs of illness, developmental issues, or potential health concerns. These regular check-ups are essential for early detection and prevention, allowing us to address any issues before they become more serious.

Vaccinations and Preventive Care:

Preventing illness is a key focus of our veterinary care. We provide a comprehensive vaccination schedule tailored to the specific needs of your puppy or kitten. From core vaccines to protect against common diseases to optional vaccines based on lifestyle factors, we customize a plan that best suits your pet’s individual requirements. Additionally, we offer preventive care measures such as flea and tick prevention, heartworm protection, and advice on nutrition to keep your furry friend in optimal health.

Nutritional Counseling:

Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life for your pet. Our team at East El Paso Animal Hospital is well-versed in pet nutrition and can provide guidance on selecting the right diet for your puppy or kitten. Whether your pet needs a specialized diet due to health concerns or requires assistance in maintaining a healthy weight, we are here to offer expert advice and support.

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